Conference Venue: The 5 star Elite World Europe Hotel - Halkalı

The conference venue is the 5 star Elite World Europe Hotel - Halkalı, where is preferred by enthusiasts of adventure and discovery as well as the business world. The Hotel with its meeting facilities and an outstanding location provides the perfect combination of guest satisfaction and comfortable accommodation facilities. The conference hotel that has Turkish bath, fitness center, health club, indoor and outdoor swimming pools offers guests all required equipment for comfortable accommodation.

About Istanbul

Istanbul: A world center of great value in the past as well as in the present, Istanbul embraces Asia on the one hand and Europe on the other.

Istanbul, with its historical peninsula, numerous scenic and historical beauties is a magnificently unique city that has been capital to many civilizations from past to present and still continues to be home to residents from all over the world. This rooted city, with a history dating back to 300 thousand years before, constitutes a mosaic of many civilizations and cultures combined.

One may come across legacies and monuments of thousands of years behind any door or around any corner in Istanbul. Whether you take a round tour in Istanbul or visit any of the 39 districts nearby, you will catch hold of various historical and natural wonders any minute.

You may begin your Istanbul tour at the Grand Bazaar that will enchant you with its bright and pleasant environment while a sense of peace and security will wrap you tightly in Hagia Sophia. A tour of the pearl of the Bosporus, Ortaköy, Beşiktaş and Kabataş will let you enjoy the delightful views along the deep blue coast.

Watching the flying seagulls at Eminönü by the time the rising sun illuminates the city, you will notice the docked boats rocking gently as if to greet you. What’s more, you won’t be able to resist the fresh scent of the city when the first ray of lights illuminate the shimmering fishes swimming around the fishing twines.

The setting sun illuminates the city like a painting every evening. The candle-like silhouettes of the mosques rise above the historical peninsula to greet the city while the sun and the moon salute each other as the day turns into night. Right at that moment you will feel like a sultan in the cradle of civilizations.

Bridging two continents, this unique city, where one can encounter people from different countries and witness perse cultures merging in harmony, will awaken completely different feelings in you.

There is a lot to experience and share in Istanbul. Are you ready to explore this magic city?

How can I get there?

Istanbul is one of the most easily accessible metropoles of the world. It has the largest traffic network in Turkey and offers numerous alternatives of city transport.

At the crossroads of the European and Asian continent, the air traffic in Istanbul is very dynamic as the city lies on the connecting and direct flight route of major airways companies. There are two airports in Istanbul that welcome their international guests, the Ataturk International Airport on the European side and the Sabiha Gokcen International Airport located on the Asian side.

Istanbul offers direct flights to any airport city in Turkey while the advanced transportation network of the region allows easy access to any city in the country.

After your arrival at the airport, you can reach the city center by taking one of the shuttles or public transportation facilities leaving to Taksim or Kadikoy outside of the exit gates.

Alternatively, passengers can reach many areas of the city by taking the subway from the airport and a short ride on the tram afterwards. Furthermore, the taxis stationed outside of the exit gates will drive you to your destination by taking the most convenient routes.

Passengers who prefer sea transportation may consider travelling on one of the world famous cruise ships that stopover in Istanbul. The Karaköy and Salipazari Harbors where the cruise ships dock are in the vicinity of the city center and just a two minute walk from the tram.